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Golf retirement village

The picturesque Flagstaff Hill Golf Club in Adelaide is set to become the first integrated golf course/retirement village in South Australia, following an agreement signed by the club and Living Choice. The agreement is subject to successful development approvals being obtained.

The golf club has agreed to sell part of its land along Memford Way to Living Choice to build an upmarket retirement village comprising approximately 147 homes, including villas and apartments.

The existing clubhouse facilities will be considerably upgraded for members while supporting the integration of village residents within the golf club.

The golf club is located over the road from a shopping centre and medical facilities. The club has a long, proud history and celebrated its 50th anniversary in April 2017. The club currently has 750 members, many of whom have already expressed an interest in the village.

To be kept informed of progress, email or phone Katherine at 1800 502 524.

Living Choice Flagstaff Hill Retirement Village
Memford Way, Flagstaff Hill, South Australia 5159

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If you’re interested in our Flagstaff Hill retirement village, please register your interest by email.